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Pound-A-Month Club Update, September 2013

October 2, 2013

Well, it seems like I just posted an update on my weight-loss program, and here I am with another one. In September, I lost 1.5 pounds, bringing my total loss for the year to almost 20 pounds. It was another close one, but one of the things I was happiest with in September is that I had very little weight fluctuation throughout the month.

In any given month prior to September, my weight would go up or down anywhere from five to eight pounds, and occasionally more. In September, though, my weight didn’t vary by more than three pounds from where I started the month. I think this was due to more dietary discipline, and more exercise than in August.

Looking ahead, October should be a very interesting month. As a recent post noted, I am on a sabbatical from work for a few weeks. This should afford me plenty of opportunities to exercise and eat at home, but it’s also pretty easy to sit around and do nothing, practice my naps, and eat wherever and whatever I want. So the battle of wills is on.

One particular motivation I have going for me early on this month is a looming trip to Las Vegas. I’ll be there for a conference for a few days, and it’s not easy to exercise and eat well on the road. Especially when you keep getting drawn into buffet after buffet. If I’m going to lose weight this month, I need to work hard these first couple of weeks and then commit to going to the hotel gym every day in Vegas. And maybe limit the buffets to two.

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