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Sabbatical 2013, Day 1

September 30, 2013

I am currently on a sabbatical from work. Actually, it’s only half a sabbatical, but the important thing is: I have the next three weeks off of work. Every four years, my employer grants each employee six weeks of paid leave to do whatever that person wants. Many people use this time to travel, others pick up a new talent or hobby, and some explore a gift they’ve allowed to grow dormant. I will be sleeping in and mopping some floors around the house.

However, I also figured that this would be a good opportunity for me to pick up the blogging pace as well. As such, I will be posting my activities of the day each day I am on sabbatical. While you could say that this past Saturday was the first day of my sabbatical, today was the first weekday I did not have to go to the office.

I started off the morning with a 45-minute walk with our six-month old pup, Gemma. After that, I had breakfast, which consisted of two pieces of bacon and a glass of iced tea. One of my other goals with this half-bbatical is to conduct a walking tour of local breakfast places. Today, though, I am trying to make my weight for my monthly goal (see my Pound-A-Month Club posts), so a meager breakfast it is.

After the walk, I rang up the ol’ optometrist and made an appointment to have my eyes checked. They had an opening an hour after I called, which worked out perfectly. Since I figured they would dilate my eyes and I wouldn’t be able to drive afterward, I walked to the office, which is only about 1.5 miles from my house.

Sure, enough, the doctor dilated my eyes. It takes a few minutes after they put the drops in before your eyes fully dilate, so I was sent out of the exam room to the lobby and told to pick out some new frames. This seems the wrong time to do this, but maybe it only seems to be true because you can’t really see at that point. I had the receptionist at the office help me evaluate some frames, but I’m going back tomorrow with Annette to see what she thinks.

Although I remembered to not drive to the office due to the dilation, I did not remember to bring sunglasses for afterward. Fortunately, the doctor gave me one of those molded pieces of shaded plastic you put behind your glasses to help protect your eyes.

Upon arriving home, I had a sandwich for lunch. About the only thing remarkable about the sandwich is that I used some spicy hummus from a Mediterranean market in Chicago. Love that stuff! After that, I was pretty useless since my eyes were still dilated. I tried watching some TV, but daytime TV is pretty annoying. I gave Tom Skilling’s forecast a chance on the WGN News at Noon, but he talks about the weather like a condemned man trying to stall the executioner.

The only option at that point was a one-hour nap. After that, I wrote out the bills and headed out for some errands. My eyes still weren’t completely back to normal, so I put the temporary shades from the eye doctor back behind my glasses. The first stop was our old townhouse, where I needed to measure the window well for a replacement cover. (The current cover is actually a bit too narrow.)  As I leaned over to remove the cover, the temporary shades fell out from behind my glasses and down into the bottom of the window well. Welp, so much for those!

Next, I mailed the bills, deposited a couple of checks at the bank and made a stop at Costco for some samples (I was going to buy a few things there, too, but I wasn’t going to buy anything if they didn’t have any samples because then I would have an excuse to go back tomorrow, but then I figured, “Hey, why not come back tomorrow and eat samples, then, too?”) – the Main St. Inn macaroni and cheese is outstanding, by the way. And I went to Home Depot for the window well cover.

After that, it was back home to feed the animals and water the grass seed in the backyard. (We had four trees taken out in the backyard and I planted a bunch of grass seed.) And that’s about it for day one of the half-bbatical: walk the pup, breakfast at home, optometrist appointment, lunch at home, nap, errands, home. And a couple of blog posts.

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