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Fittest Loser, 2019 – Week 1

February 16, 2019

I’ve been running from my demons since the day that I was born.
I’ve been losing too much sleep, just like a kid.
I’ve been hiding from the memories of the things that I once did,
but I don’t want to be defined by them no more.
All I get is this one little life you see…

– “Morning Light” Dirty Guv’nahs


Today was the start of the 2019 version of the Daily Herald’s Fittest Loser contest. The good news about week 1 is that by the end of it, everyone should lose weight, as long as you do one thing: follow the diet. Yes, you need to exercise as well, but strictly following the diet plan is paramount for your success.

Not a noodle of pasta, not a bite of a sandwich, not even the crust of a pizza or a single French fry. Pancakes and waffles are strangers to you now. Those days are past. The only thing you should drink for the next three months is water. (And lots of it!) No juice, no Gatorade, no beer, wine, or other alcohol. The abstinence you show now will reveal just how sweet milk is once the contest is done. 

Also, one item I forgot to recommend for contestants in my last post was a fitness tracker, like a Fitbit. You’ll need to track your heart rate to ensure it’s within a particular range for a prescribed period of time as noted by your trainer. Remember to keep moving throughout the week, even if you’re sore. Moving will make you feel better, even though it sounds a bit counter-intuitive.

Looking forward to seeing some (if not all) of you at the bootcamp classes this week!

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