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Sabbatical 2013, Day 2

October 2, 2013

The second day of the sabbatical started a lot like the first: Gemma and I went for a walk. I also went back to the eye doctor, to have Annette help pick out the frames for my new glasses. Annette found only a couple of frames she liked on me (the others were too dark or heavy, it seems), but ultimately she wanted me to make the choice. This is a bit silly to me, because I have to only look through the glasses. She’s the one who has to look at me in them. May as well be happy with what you’re looking at.

After that, we went to a late brunch/early lunch at Le Peep. Annette had a salmon wrap with a side salad and orange juice; I had a cranberry juice and the Vera Cruz benedict, a special with blackened salmon, red pepper and a cilantro hollandaise. Great stuff.

After dropping off Annette at work, I went to Home Depot to return an item I didn’t need, then went to Costco. I picked up a new pair of sneakers ($17!), a new belt (size 34, which isn’t quite right for me just yet), some socks, an umbrella (lost the old one on Metra last week), some new kitchen towels (we only had two, if you don’t count the Santa Clause ones, which come out only at Christmas), and a box of green tea. Originally, I planned to buy only the green tea. But Costco does that to you. As for the samples that day, about the only remarkable one was a Smart Choices breakfast burrito that I did not care for, but ate all of it anyway. The Kashi spinach and mushroom pizza was surprisingly not terrible. The woman who was handing out samples of it told me how she likes to make it at home, but also put maybe some sausage and bacon on it, too.

The afternoon was spent vacuuming the whole house, and decluttering the family room. I also washed a load of laundry. Dried it, too, but it did not get folded or put away. After all, I’ve got plenty of time for that.

I dropped off dinner (grilled tilapia sandwich and sweet potato fries from the Burger Baron) for Annette (who was stuck at work), grabbed a strawberry milkshake for myself (was still kinda full from that lunch), and went to a board meeting for my townhouse association. Mercifully, it was a short meeting and I made it home in time to watch the World Series of Poker on ESPN.

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