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Pound-A-Month-Club Update, October 2013

November 2, 2013

In October, I lost one pound. It was only one pound, but it put it me square at 20 pounds lost for the year. The trip to Vegas was not nearly as disastrous as I thought it would be. A trip to the Bacchanal buffet at Caesar’s was the only instance in which I really went off the rails. I mean, I went WAY off the rails. I started sensibly, with a salad. Then I went for a whole plate of fresh steamed crab lags, with drawn butter. Also, some polenta with mushrooms and gravy. Next up was the Chinese station for some duck and dim sum. I also tried some ginseng soup, but it was not my bag. Instead, I had a fantastic bowl of pho. I perused the Japanse/sushi station, but it was pretty unappealing so I had only some spicy tuna (OK, not great).

That pho really helped me get my second wind, but I passed over the Mexican station (been there, done that with salsa and guacamole) and went for the grilled lamb chops (Grilled, two inch-thick lamb chops?! Are you kidding me??) and a slider. The savory side ended with a small cup of lobster corn chowder. I probably should have walked away at that point (or several courses ago), but I knew it would be a waste to not try a dessert.

So I started with the carrot cake and a raspberry chocolate tart, then had a tiramisu shooter and a ramekin of chocolate creme brulee. As I was eating the creme brulee, I was kicking myself for not topping it with some whipped cream at the crepe station. But there was little chance of me standing up at that point, so I soldiered on without it. Someday I hope to go back and correct that mistake.

There were a couple shaky moments on the way back to my hotel, but I made it.

Looking ahead to November, I think riding my bike to the train station is now out of season, so it’s walking or driving. Also, Thanksgiving looms, but I expect to be able to keep my appetite in check this year. I’ll be staying put, so I won’t have the excuse of eating on the road to deal with as an excuse for weight gain.

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  1. Jerry permalink

    We could come up and give you a stomach virus like last year. That probably helped Thanksgiving be a net weight loss event……


  2. Still can’t think about that Bearno’s sausage…


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