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NFL Lines 2014, Week 1 Review

September 9, 2014

OK, now that the games are over, let’s see what I got right and wrong about the lines for the first week in the NFL.

Game Line What I Said What Happened Review
Green Bay at Seattle Seattle -5.5 Seahawks -5.5 Seahawks 36
Green Bay 16
As expected, the Super Bowl champs trounced whichever team they happened to play at home.
New Orleans at Atlanta New Orleans -3 Falcons +3 Atlanta 37
New Orleans 34
I mentioned that Atlanta was going to put up a fight, and they led for most of the game before winning in overtime.
Minnesota at
St. Louis
St. Louis -2.5 Minnesota +2.5 Minnesota 34
St. Louis 6
The Rams did a fine job of slowing Adrian Peterson (75 yards on 21 carries), but they forgot about Cordarrelle Patterson (103 yards rushing)
Cleveland at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh -5.5 Cleveland +5.5 Pittsburgh 30 Cleveland 27 This one looked like a sure loser early, but Cleveland came storming back to make it close.
Jacksonville at Philadelphia Philadelphia -10 Jacksonville +10 Philadelphia 34 Jacksonville 17 This one looked like a sure winner early, but Jacksonville managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
Oakland at
New York Jets
NY Jets -6 Oakland +6 NY Jets 19
Oakland 14
Oakland gets it done on the road!
Cincinnati at Baltimore Baltimore -1 Cincinnati +1 Cincinnati 23 Baltimore 16 This game was not really as close as the final score would indicate. Baltimore has a lot of trouble on offense.
Buffalo at Chicago Chicago -6.5 Buffalo +6.5 Buffalo 23
Chicago 20
Have I mentioned Chicago’s terrible defense?
Washington at Houston Houston -3 Houston -3 Houston 17 Washington 6 Surprising how dominant Texans were; we’ll see how much they miss Clowney on defense the next few weeks.
Tennessee at Kansas City Kansas City -3 Kansas City -3 Tennessee 26 Kansas City 10 The most shocking game of the week; I need to reevaluate both of these teams.
New England at Miami New England -3.5 New England -3.5 Miami 33
New England 20
Old man Brady wilts in the heat. Always consider whether the weather will be a factor when making picks!
Carolina at
Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay -4 Tampa Bay -4 Carolina 20
Tampa Bay 14
Tampa Bay is still Tampa Bay. Doug Martin is Doug Martin.
San Francisco at Dallas San Francisco -3 San Francisco -3 San Francisco 28 Dallas 17 Impressed Dallas’ Defense gave up only 28 points. This might be the low mark until they play the Giants.
Indianapolis at Denver Denver -7.5 Denver -7.5 Denver 31 Indianapolis 24 Kinda gross how Denver let Indy back in the game. Always a danger when you’re giving more than a touchdown.
New York Giants at Detroit Detroit -6 NY Giants +6 Detroit  35
NY Giants 14
Whooh. This Giants team is bad. Some talent on defense, but way way overmatched in this one.
San Diego at Arizona Arizona -3 Arizona -3 Arizona 18
San Diego 17
If Carson Palmer and the Cards do this all year, I’m only going to bid on the total, not the side.



So, 9-7 for the first week. Not great, but at least it was positive.

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