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Sabbatical 2013, Day 8

October 10, 2013

Did you know you have to clean your house, like, every week? This seems a preposterous notion, but sitting around all day with little to do makes it difficult to ignore the dirt Gemma tracks in from the yard. Not to brag about my dog, but she’s kind of an expert at it. Took hardly any training, too.

I started the day by finishing my final paper for class and submitting it. No schoolwork until Monday! Or possibly Sunday, depending on when I have access to the new course.

Gemma and I then went on an hour-long walk, where she attempted to meet four dogs but spazzed out every time. She should be able to go back to daycare on Saturday, thank goodness.  After the walk, I had the last waffle I made over the weekend.

I considered going to a movie, but instead decided to celebrate the end of class by walking to Johnnie’s Beef for a late lunch. I had an Italian sausage sandwich with sweet peppers and a hot dog. The hot dog also came with fries, so I had to eat those as well. And I had a large lemon Italian ice.

After lunch, I walked to a local grocery store to pick up some limes, cilantro and chips for guacamole. (I bought the avocados at Costco earlier in the week.) While there, I remembered to pick up a jar of molasses for some homemade baked beans I plan to make this weekend. And wouldn’t you know it, Cap’n Crunch was on sale, too. So I had to buy a box of that. Also, a box of Cinnamon Life.

The grocery store has a Redbox kiosk outside, so I rented four movies. After arriving home and letting Gemma and Cecilia out, I made the guacamole. For heat, I chopped up some giardinera from the fridge. At 4:20, I put in This Is The End in the ol’ DVD player, and had a bowl of Cap’n Crunch. Good movie.

I skipped dinner, on account of the late lunch where I overate and such, plus the bowl of cereal. The next movie in was a Jason Statham film called Redemption. It was OK, not great. Annette came home as the movie was ending, in time for us to watch Criminal Minds.

I have an early call tomorrow, because Cecilia has a 7 a.m. appointment at the groomer’s.

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