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Sabbatical 2013, Day 5

October 6, 2013

The days of the week are starting to run together. Is it Thursday? No, Friday. I think it’s Friday. Sort of has a Thursday feel to it. But, no. Friday. Definitely Friday.

Gemma took me out on a walk in the morning, where a kindly neighbor suggested Valium might do her some good. I explained she was only six months old.

Later, I went on another walk to pick up my new glasses. Immediate improvement in my vision! I love it when a plan comes together.

In the early afternoon, Annette was out running some errands, and was on her way back to pick me up to take care of a couple other items. At one point, she texted me that she was 30 minutes away. I timed it so that the dogs were put in their crates and I was outside exactly 30 minutes later. I figured I would open the garage door, and she would pull into the driveway. Didn’t happen. So I pulled the trash can and recycling bin back into the garage. Then I noticed some leaves from our red maple tree had scattered themselves all over the lawn. Well, I thought, I’ll never be able to rake them all by the time Annette arrives, but I can at least get started. I raked all the leaves. I will now be monitoring Annette’s texts to see if I am being set up to perform chores against my will.

We made a tour of a few stores, but didn’t buy anything other than a tank of gas. We also made a stop at Jason’s Deli, where I had some of their free custard for the first time. I probably shouldn’t go there too often.

We were going to go a friend’s for dinner, but it was canceled, so I spent the evening doing homework. Only one week to go for my first two classes!


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