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Pound-A-Month Club Update, June 2013

July 24, 2013

A bit late again with the update for this month, but the good news is that I lost almost three pounds in June. That puts me down 15 pounds for the year. While I’d like to think it was due all to my own hard work and effort, I have a couple of other people to thank. The first is John Scalzi (@scalzi), whose Twitter feed referenced a friend of his (@catvalente) who also recently underwent a weight-loss program.

Cat, in turn, wrote a couple of blog posts about her struggle with weight gain. One of the items she mentioned that helped her was an app called LoseIt! (which she also later panned in favor of a more robust app called MyNetDiary). LoseIt! allows you to track everything you eat, as well as your weight and exercise. You can also set a target weight loss goal, as well as the number of calories you’re willing to limit yourself to each day.

I picked up LoseIt! a little more than halfway through June, and logged everything I ate and drank, and recorded all of my exercise. It has been a tremendous help and has continued to keep me on track. I’ve checked out MyNetDiary as well, and I think I have a slight preference for it over LoseIt! One of the benefits MyNetDiary has is the ability to calculate to the minute how long you’ve exercised. LoseIt! allows you to track this only in five-minute increments. MyNetDiary also allows you to enter the distance you traveled while exercising, whereas LoseIt! does not. Consequently, MyNetDiary gives you a more accurate count of the number of calories you’ve burned.

Looking ahead to July (what’s left of it), I have a road trip this weekend, which will include a ballgame. Regular readers will remember what happened last month when I went to a ballgame. I will try to be better than I was with that experience, but I have the feeling I’m going to be burning a lot of calories the last couple of days to make my weight for the month.

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