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January 1, 2013

Look, as I’m always telling my wife, I’m a pretty special and/or important person. But for the past few (16) years, I have been a little too special. Particularly around the middle. I could stand to be a little (lot) less special in that area.

I know weight-loss resolutions are trite to the point of being almost meaningless, but I have hit upon a solution that I believe will remedy the futility and uselessness of such promises.

See, the problem is that people aim too high with this particular resolution. They vow to drop 20, 30, 50 pounds! Sugar and fat will be cast out (until the first cookout, at least)! I will exercise for an hour every day!! Even if it means waking up an hour early!!! It’s all too much. I plan to tackle my weight loss goal in bite-size portions.

Specifically, I have formed the Pound A Month Club, or PAMC. The idea behind PAMC is simple: on the first of each month, I will weigh myself, and write that number on the calendar. My goal over the next month is to lose one pound. This could be through diet, exercise or donating blood. I’m not picky. Which is largely how I came to this problem in the first place, but never mind that for now.

On the first of the following month, I will weigh myself again and write my new, lower weight on the calendar. Now, here’s where the brilliance of PAMC comes in: I’m allowed to lose more than one pound a month. Yes! It is permissible to do so. However, once a certain weight is reached, part of PAMC’s goal is to never be above that weight again. So, if I start in January at 200 and on February 1 I weigh 195, that doesn’t mean I get to go up to 198 for March 1 and still consider myself to be on track. If I am at 195 on February 1, then on March 1 I have to be at 194. So perhaps I should call it ALAPAMC – At Least a Pound a Month Club.

Feel free to join in if you like. I plan to hold myself accountable by posting monthly updates on the blog. I might even buy a treadmill.

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